Pro bono

As a firm we do believe that we all owe a lot to the community and especially in Luxembourg taking into account the efforts made by everyone for the prosperity of the country. The firm therefore encourages its lawyers to voluntarily devote some time and efforts, free of charge or at a very low rate, in order to advise, represent, protect or establish the rights of disadvantaged individuals and to provide legal services for local organizations active for goals of common interest (education of children, non-profit organizations, disabled persons etc…) or of which the members have limited resources.

We believe that Pro bono work is an important aspect of a lawyer’s professional responsibility and professional development.

We do also believe that legal services should not be a luxury but a right and, therefore, by developing our pro bono practice we hope to (i) improve the access to legal services for those who cannot afford them and (ii) contribute to the legal awareness of the people we serve in view of having a long-term beneficial effect on the community.